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Financial Hardship

HAPI Medical Center will help you! Please bring the following documentation:


  • Documentation of one month (30 days) of total income for your household. Bring one of the following:

    • Pay stubs from the past 30 days showing gross income (total income before taxes or deductions) for everyone in your household

    • Award or benefit letter (if receiving income from any other taxable income besides wages, e.g.: interest payments, self-employment, unemployment, etc.)

    • Letter from your employer stating your gross income

    • Last two unemployment check stubs (if receiving unemployment)

    • A letter of support or reference from an organization or individual

  • A copy of the most recent year's 1040 tax returns (if you filed taxes)

  • Birth and marriage certificates for your dependents (if you did not file taxes)

  • Additional documents may be required on a case-by-case basis.

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